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welcome to 1 day nature retreat in Montreux riviera

May 25th, 2024 Montreux

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.



about Montreux Riviera- retreat place

Welcome to the Swiss postcard in style! From the lake & flower promenade to the mountains and vineyards, Montreux Riviera offers a breath-taking landscape that is worth a postcard.

It’s an authentic little piece of paradise that has attracted many artists, writers and travellers in search of beauty, tranquillity and… inspiration.

A unique region, attached to its roots but open to the world, Montreux Riviera, home of the world famous Montreux Jazz Festival & Christmas market.

May is the month of bloom in the Alpine Meadows above Montreux.

Not many now that the biggest treasure is found  above the town- in the forest, waterfalls, tropical - like plants and alpine meadows.

Wild narcissus bloom in May and transform the meadows above Montreux into immaculately white, perfumed landscapes. As soon as the snow melts, the leaves of the narcissi (narcissus radiiflorus) shoot out of the earth and unfold the energy stored in their bulbs to burst into bloom precociously.

This narcissi bloom is known since Belle Epoque as ‘May Snow’. At the end of Nature Connection practices, we will also witness the beauty of those flowers.

Rocher de Naye - 19.jpg

intentions of 1 day retreat

The diversity of the landscape, the natural biodiversity, breath-taking views make this place a unique setting for nature retreat- allowing to experience nature from different points of connection, experiencing the elements, ancient trees, blooming flowers. A delight for the mind, body and soul!

During this one day you will have a chance to experience nature differently vs what you are used to, you will learn about research based benefits of walking and being in a natural setting. As you connect with nature differently, you might notice also that your connection with yourself also shifts.

Time in nature is restoring, relaxing, rejuvenating.

You will learn about holistic wellbeing through nature- physical, emotional and spiritual.


activities of 1 day retreat

  • ​Nature connection practices:  Forest/nature Therapy, connect with 5 senses, explore the 5 elements (Japanese Shinrin Yoku). 

  • Mindfull walking

  • Plant foraging

  • Learning about holistic wellbeing through nature

  • Walking: 6km, 500m up

the importance of connection to nature

While simply being in a natural environment is beneficial to human health, it is a deeper contact and engagement-connection- with nature that has been shown to promote long-term improvements in mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Latest research shows that simply going outside  is not enough to improve health on its own. Its what you do with time outdoors that matters. 

Nature engagement is how we access the goodness of nature for mental wellbeing- we need to develop a meaningful, more emotional relationship. Time and true moments of connection matter.


this retreat is for you if:

  • ​You are willing to learn new ways to immerse in Nature 

  • You feel headed, tired and looking for a natural way to recharge

  • Learning about holistic wellbeing through nature

this retreat is not for you if:

  • ​You wish to walk fast and achieve a specific goal

  • Your main goal is only to take nice pictures during the experience

Logistical details & Price

  • We will meet: May 25th 9.10 am in Montreux train station

  • We will finish: in les Avants village around 4pm

  • Price: 120 CHF , if you wish to receive a healthy picnic: 25 CHF extra ( healthy salad and desert)

  • Gear needed: anti-slippery shoes, trail running or ideally hiking boots, comfortable sporty clothes, back pack of approx 20L, rain gear TBC few days before the outing

Register below

Your lunch picnic teaser

Lunch will be created by a woman solopreneur based in Vevey- Celia is a creator of WOFF - healthy gourmet food.


testimonials from previous outings

I had the most wonderful and amazing time on the FORest retreat this February. The description of the retreat sounded right up my alley, but the actual experience far exceeded what I expected.
From the warm welcome prior to the retreat, the supportive and loving nature of those organising the course as well the other participants. Right to the content of the retreat which was well balanced and inclusive.
The worst part was having to leave, but I have every intention to return one day ❤️

Catriona from UK

Wonderful yoga and nature retreat, Ruta puts a lot of care and effort so participants enjoy every detail and activity. Amazing food with cheffe Donata and great yoga with Chris. I am so grateful for this guided time outdoors and the connections we built as a community, I really recommend !

Virginie from Switzerland

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