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November 15-17th, 2024

“If in every breath you strip naked just like winter the joy of spring will grow within”.

about retreat

Releasing, letting go through breathing, empowering and re-connecting with your deepest self through Nature. This is what this retreat will be about.

We will dedicate important part of the retreat for breathing, then sharing and human connection. The days will be topped up with very gentle hikes, nature connection practices and yin yoga & yoga nidra.

Food will be beautifully created by our exceptional food & nature loving chef- Donata.

We welcome you in an authentic typical Swiss village surrounded by a pristine alpine environment.


Come and enjoy the energy of this exceptional valley. Enjoy private SPA facilities after a full day Outside & breathing.

retreat location

You will stay in an authentic Swiss chalet located in a pristine and wild Chateau D'Oex- Gstaad Valley, a place still full of traditions and original lifestyle. Chalet is surrounded by the mountains and forest of the gorgeous Pays d'Enhaut region. This valley is reachable by public transport (gorgegous belle epoque train) and it's 2h drive from Geneva and 2h 50min drive from Zurich.

On a day when you might not feel like hiking, you may just relax on a long comfy chair and keep watching it.

This is what Swiss do when they do not feel like hiking :)

Immerse into Swiss life while staying in this beautiful jewel chalet which has full comfort, the charm of 200 years and even a private SPA.

Chalet Outside 1.jpg
Hot Pot - Copy.jpg

about transformational breath

Transformational Breath® is a natural and safe and essy-to-learn technique that helps people to access the full potential of their breathing system for better physical, emotional and mental well-being.  It resolves negative patterns stored in the body such as physical and emotional trauma and stress, increases vitality, sharpens cognitive function and promotes feelings of joy and happiness. It is a powerful tool for self-healing and personal transformation.  It deepens our connection with ourselves and allows us to live life from a place of wholeness and inner harmony.  


Transformational Breath® works specifically on three levels of our being, physical, mental-emotional and spiritual and integrates these three levels.


Physical Level is about opening the breath. Most of us use only the third of our respiratory capacity due to closed and restricted breathing patterns. By opening our breath we bathe all of our body cells with Oxygen. We learn how to better engage our diaphragm which stimuate our lymphatic system, internal organs and Vagus nerve. Utilising our entire respiratory system and maximising our respiratory capacity enables us to have more energy and support for the body’s natural healing abilities. Physical benefits are endless.


Breathing is linked to two different nervous systems and it is the link between the conscious and the unconscious. By consciously breathing and opening our breath patterns we clear our subconscious from repressions and suppressions. We shut down and control our breathing to keep things “stuffed” in our subconscious mind. Bringing breath into these closed places enables all these old unexpressed emotions, negative beliefs and past memories stored on a cellular level to be transformed into a higher energy form. Resolving these suppressed energies naturally makes our true and authentic selves to emerge.


As our subconscious becomes clear we access higher consciousness and bring clarity and wisdom to manifest our future. We receive guidance and insight and gain spiritual awareness.

activities during retreat

  • Transformational Breath

  • Forest Bathing (Shinrin Yoku)

  • Hiking - easy level

  • Yin yoga & Yoga Nidra

  • Creative healthy food

  • Private SPA


food during retreat

Soak In Nature while spending time Outside and will be eating only Nature.​

  • Feed your body with nourishing food

  • Develop a healthy relationship to food & eating

  • Learn to eat healthier and more balanced foods

retreat Chef donata, inspired by nature


Donata creates food with love & passion. She is a nature lover and gets her main inspiration to cook from the nature - using natural products. Aesthetics of food is part of her style, she  spoils multiple senses of the one who tastes her food.

Lithuania is her home country and her initial inspiration to cook came from her mothers vegetable & fruit garden.

You will eat healthy & natural food prepared by Donata. Allow your body to energize with seasonal & local goodness. Find joy in eating the rainbow on your plate and feel yourself becoming more grounded and feeling comfortable in your own skin.


About ruta

IMG_9488f - Copy.jpg

Ruta Mikulenaite did her first hike back in 2013- she then realized that the real life is not happening in the indoor- office environment but rather outside.

This made her realize that she was missing something important in her life- connection with Nature. Since then, most of her time she spends outside- climbing, hiking, wild camping, walking in the forests, parks and other natural places. She has become hiking ‚guru‘ and is now passionate to share the most beautiful places in the Swiss Alps with the others. Retreat participants often say that Ruta's passion for Nature is contagious.

Ruta is a professional neuro-coach (Neuroleadership Institute, London), forest therapy guide (Association of Nature and Forest Therapy, USA) and mountain leader (Association of Mountain Guides in Switzerland). Ruta has also studied ancient yoga in Bali and is a certified yoga teacher. She loves bringing nature to the mat through the practice of yin and and yang yoga.

By creating Be Outside Coaching movement, she has connected her 2 major passions: activities outside and human evolution. Be Outside Coaching delivers immersive and holistic Nature experiences in the different corners of pristine the Swiss Alps.

Be Outside. Be Authentic. Be You

About alev

5_Alev_MAIN on white_web size.jpeg

Alev discovered Transformational Breath® by chance in 2007. Fascinated by the power of this technique, she pursued her trainings internationally. She is the Transformational Breath® Foundation’s National Leader and International Breathwork Foundation’s National Representative for Switzerland. She is a Certified Senior Trainer of Transformational Breath®, completed various trainings as a shamanic practitioner and is a Reiki Master Teacher. She gives private and group sessions and leads training and workshops. Her mission is to inspire and support others on their journey of self-realisation, with the guidance and wisdom of their own breath. Session after session she witnesses with awe and appreciation the unbounded healing power of breath. Supporting others towards their own inner light fills her with gratitude

This retreat is for you if:

  • You are holding onto the past, cumulated emotions, feel heavy inside

  • You tried a number of different healing techniques but none helped you to create a long lasting change

  • You are longing to manifest your deepest desires but feel stuck and nothing is moving to a direction to wish for

  • You are curious to discover a life changing breathing technique

  • You wish to improve your wellbeing holistically

  • You wish to expand your awareness and connect further with your inner self

  • You wish to reduce your anxiety, stress, clean the messiness inside of you

  • You value nature and believe in its impact on a human wellbeing

Novembers are special in the mountains...


“To the degree that the breath is open and flowing, we are in the flow of life!”

Testimonials From Last Retreats

'After 3 weeks I still close my eyes and find myself immersed in a powerful experience in nature leaded by Ruta.

 I'm a nature lover and explorer yet the wonderful retreat had layers of experience that I did not expect. I would do this again any time, and I recommend anyone who would like to let themselves be guided both in the outside and inside for a little while, to join one of Ruta's retreats. I went there with the intention of simply do what I was told, without questioning or wondering why. I just did it and gave myself to it and it was really wonderful. Thank you Ruta, hope to see you again!''

Barbara, business owner and coach from Italy

Thank you Ruta and Alev for designing the BREATH Retreat so beautifully and taking care of all the details: from location, room setup and important details throughout the breathwork sessions, meaningful gifts, hot tub time under the stars, and of course meditative walks and hikes in the most gorgeous landscapes Switzerland has to offer ✨ Cherry on top was getting to feast on Chef Donata's food which was simply some of the best I have ever had. The entire group of participants that came together were total blessings. Cannot recommend this experience enough for those looking to bask in nature in total consciousness while connecting to you breath in transformational and healing ways.

Jenny, business owner from Switzerland

Logistics details and booking

Price and booking policy:

Retreat dates:

November 15-17th, 2024. Important: this is 3 full days retreat.

On Friday it will start at 12 pm and on Sunday we will finish at 3pm

Please plan accordingly.

To ensure quality and intimacy, this retreat is limited to max 12 participants. 

Room options & price:

Private room (garden view) private bathroom single bed: 990 CHF

Private standard (garden view) room private bathroom double bed: 1050 CHF 

Private superior (mountain view) room private bathroom double bed: 1150 CHF 

To secure booking: 50% deposit. The rest to be paid 1 month before retreat  (October 11th).

Cancellation policy:

2 weeks before retreat: non-refundable

1 month before retreat: 50% refundable

If retreat has to be cancelled due to force majeure, 100% amount will be reimbursed

What is included in the price?

·       Accommodation in an authentic Swiss chalet

·       Facilitation & all activities included in the retreat program:

        breath sessions, yoga, hiking, coaching, forest bathing, access to the SPA

·       Vegan-vegetarian food (breakfast, lunch/snack & dinner)

What is not included in the price?

·       Transportation to the retreat venue

·       Personal travel & accident insurance

can't wait to see you in the mountains!

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