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when you travel in Montreux Riviera

Welcome to the Swiss postcard in style! From the lake & flower promenade to the mountains and vineyards, Montreux Riviera offers a breath-taking landscape that is worth a postcard.

It’s an authentic little piece of paradise that has attracted many artists, writers and travellers in search of beauty, tranquillity and… inspiration.

Montreux Riviera is the ideal place for unforgettable  1 or multiple day trips. 

A unique region, attached to its roots but open to the world, Montreux Riviera, home of the world famous Montreux Jazz Festival & Christmas market.

It’s no surprise that Charlie Chaplin chose to spend his last 25 years on the hills of Vevey, that Freddie Mercury immortalised Lake Geneva with the peaks of Le Grammont on the cover of the album “Made in Heaven”, that Igor Stravinski composed “The Rite of Spring” in Montreux, or that Prince declared his love for Lavaux in a song named after the famous terraced vineyard, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

From Villeneuve to Lutry, along the shores of Lake Geneva, Montreux Riviera enjoys a microclimate that gives it a Mediterranean flair. The atmosphere is perfect for relaxing, going on walks, discovering new areas, and the climate is ideal for a rich terroir, cultivated expertly by restaurateurs and winegrowers.

A few minutes from the shore up on the hills, forests interspersed with meadows invite walkers to roam the hiking trails, observe blossoming wild narcissus – known locally as “the snow of May” – and admire a panorama that transforms with each season. The arrival of the first snowflakes signals the beginning of Alpine fun, on skis, snowshoes or simply on foot.
For less sporty visitors, Chaplin’s World and Chillon Castle are the top museum choices.

Why not let yourself be tempted by a ride aboard a historical CGN ship, or a Belle Epoque train on the GoldenPass line?

Montreux Riviera is a land of contrasts. It’s a kind of miniature Switzerland where visitors and locals have been living together for three centuries. The region is especially rich in cultural events, including the world known Montreux Jazz Festival, and boasts some of the best hotel schools and private clinics in the world. 


my story

 For 10 years I led a busy corporate life, based in Geneva. In Switzerland it is common to spend week days in towns like Geneva, Zurich or Bern with lots of things to do and climb career ladder. On weekends locals and expats fill up Swiss trains, bringing you straight to the mountains.

I was one of them just 3 years ago. From Geneva Montreux is just 1 hour away. Whenever i was coming to hike above Montreux, I was stuned by the beauty of the town and above it. Few times i have whispered to myself: it would be so nice to live here one day!

So then i changed my life radically- personal and professional, my intuition led me to live in Montreux. Of course, my favorite hiking path is just 10min away from my home, on foot! My favorite way to recharge after treks and retreats and get inspiration is just a walk on the famous flower promenade.

On a sunny spring day, I just do not want to go back home from this place!

“If you want peace of mind, come to Montreux”, said Freddie Mercury

I definitely found a peace of mind here after massive life changes. Perhaps Montreux shall be called a Happy Place where one finds it in the beeauty, of nature, simplicity of life & seclusion ?

Rocher de Naye - 19.jpg

Nature in Montreux Riviera

Nature in Montreux Riviera is authentic, pristine, surprising..

From the flower promenade that is taken care of like nowhere flowers are to Gorges de Chauderon who bring you to Swiss Tropics.

From simple promenade by the lake in vevey, to the

ideal day in riviera

Riviera was not created for rushing & to do lists but to enjoy life where there is enough time for watch the views, enjoy food and swim in the lake.

Day Trips from Montreux Riviera

where to stay

where to eat


Coucou Montreux

Restaurant La Rouvenaz

Palais Royale

Pub: les Boucaniers



Le Petit Syrien

Les Pleaides

Hotels in Montreux: 

Coucou Montreux

La Rouvenaz

Tralala Hotel Montreux

Swiss Historic Hotel Masson

Hotels in Vevey: 

B & B Corseuax Beach & Riviera Beach

Hotels in Lavaux Vineyards:

Le Deck

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