Since the Antique times, it has been believed that a man is a miniature of the Nature. What exists in Nature, exists also in a Man, just to a smaller scale. In order to develop, create and evolve a man, needs to be connected to Nature.

Nature does not push, does not judge, does not impose, it does not ask, does not provide opinions.

Going into Nature does not only mean walking, hiking, climbing, running, performing, going to nature primarily means Being. Nature is a way to come back to oneself, to self-develop by merging into one's natural existence. Nature empowers naturally, it calms down the mind so the heart can feel deep again. Nature is a Flow. Nature is a Knowledge. It's a Connection.

Nature is a cycle that directs towards the evolution and the growth.


Be Outside Coaching

Be Outside Coaching connects Nature, Neuroscience and professional coaching process to inspire individuals to grow by creating self-awareness.

The brain based coaching process allows to create a new focus and supports the individuals in creating new habits by taking action and ultimately stepping into their confidence to achieve their goals and dreams. It supports coachees to step into their Outside Comfort Zone with a purpose to Grow.


Self Awareness at individual level leads to more Awareness for the World.

Be Outside is also encouraging individuals to get Outside for the brain based coaching sessions in the park, under the tree or in the majestic mountains.

Nature inspires, empowers, allows... Nature coaches too by just being available and providing it's resourcefulness. 

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