With a help of Nature and cutting edge Neuroscience.

The Power is In You

The way you feel inside of you creates your outer reality and ultimately reflects into your life. How do you feel about yourself today?

The latest neuro-scientific discoveries establish that you can change your life by changing your brain. It used to be believed that your brain was a static, hard-wired organ, but the latest studies have proven otherwise.

Your brain is forming new connections and growing new brain cells everyday. Every time we do something new, meet a new person, or understand a new idea, new connections are made in the brain which create a new mental map.

Be Outside Coaching uses the latest brain science based coaching method to help you achieve positive change and create the life of your dreams. Be Outside is also suggesting unique coaching presence and sessions in nature.

You can become anything and everything you want to.




I am passionate about inspiring others to reach their full potential and achieve life goals through coaching and connection to the nature.

I am a qualified brain based coach and inspirational speaker. I hold 10 years of Corporate experience in Sales and Marketing. In my spare time, I am the Adventurer, Discoverer and Explorer of the Earth. 

The mission of my life is to create sustainable Growth for the world while preserving the Nature.

If we want a sustainable growth for the world, we first need to create growth within ourselves. 

Once we unlock our inner power, we open the doors to a fulfilled life in the different areas: health, finances, career and relationships.

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Ruta Mikulenaite
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3-6 months Brain-Based Coaching process. We will establish where you would like to be by setting clear goals and focus. We will then tackle what is holding you back, mea...
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