About Me
'Who Am I'

''I want

To see and explore

I want 

To feel and discover

I want

To understand ,to realize.....

The dormant snow caped mountain inside of me is waking up.

I am a stone on the mountainy path who feels, moves and understands.

I am a Blue Sky reflecting the Universe.

I am a tip of the Mountain top.

I am a Wave of the windy Mountain Lake.

I am a Blue Lake observing the Sky on a misty morning.

I am a dense pine Forest dizzying surroundings with my deep natural scent.

I am a piece of melting Ice on the Blue lonely Lake.

I am a morning Grass, feeling the fresh morning drops from the Universe.

I am a reflection of the Mountain shoulder on the glacial Lake.

I am a falling Rock running through the steep Mountain body until it fuses into the new being. I am a falling rock once again.

I am an Iceberg evolving into the Ocean.

I am a falling Star merging into the Light of the Universe.

I am a dancing Cloud flowing through the rain drops.

I am a morning Light shyly warming up the Earth.

I am the tip of Mountain top in the middle of the Thunderstorm.

I am a dense evening Light fading away into the Sea once the Sun 

falls down.

I am a Tree hugging the World with my branches.

I am a melting Glacier merging into the River of Life.''

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I have been passionate about Personal Development and Growth for more than a decade on different levels: in personal life, first, by deep developing myself in multi-dimensional ways, or simply by discussing self-development possibilities with friends while hiking and climbing the mountains. In the corporate world - by supporting junior employees through the change management and giving inspirational speeches for the sales teams.

Until recently i have decided to get a professional coaching certification at the NeuroLeadership Institute in London.

An idea that I have about each human is the full, infinite potential. Everyone has a Genius inside. It is however often hidden in the ocean of collective waves - conditioning, opinions and self-limiting beliefs.


The science has just proved: anyone at any time can re-create himself and step into it's true inner magics. Professional coaching encourages the provocative thinking process thus creating self-awareness. Self- awareness guides the person through the path of understanding it's own reality, then supports him in designing a new vision and taking an Inspired Action from Within. ​


Brain- Based coaching is a unique methodology based on latest neuroscience studies, focused on a design process to drive concrete outcomes for the individuals and to inspire them to grow. ​ ​ ​

Coaching is my part time activity and  the passion of life. I am meanwhile also a full time employee in the multi-national corporate company driving business development and sales. ​ In my spare time, I love Being Outside and looking to connect with the Nature as well as Discover the Planet Earth with my own eyes and feet.


5 years ago when I was going through some life turbulence and was considering to go to the therapist, I accidentally went for my first hike. As I was walking through the first mountain trail of my life i have noticed a little sign of well-being. Since then I decided to walk in the mountain, meadows or the forecast whenever the opportunity arises. I soon realized that my Therapist is Nature. Nature invites humans to be present, it accepts and loves us the way we are. While being in Nature, its easier to connect with oneself thus Feeling good about who we Are. Nature is a Healer.


​ This is one of the reasons why i have decided to connect Nature with Coaching. Whenever possible my coaching sessions are taking place in the Nature. ​ Nature is a Creator. You are a Creator too.

Inspiring Others to Grow
  • Certified Brain-Based Coach at Neuro:eadership Institute, London

  • International Coaching Federation Competency Based Coaching

  • Masters in International Business at the University of Sorbonne

  • Bachelor's in Business Administration Management at Vilnius University

  • 10 years of corporate experience in marketing & sales

  • Endless and extensive Adventure experience