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The power of Nature

Did you know that in Canada, US, Sweden and Scotland doctors have started prescribing Nature instead of medical drugs?

Since the Antique times, it has been recognized that a man is a miniature of the Nature. What exists in Nature, exists also in a Man, just to a smaller scale. In order to develop, create, evolve and be healthy a man needs to be connected to Nature.

However, in today’s modern society humans are being subjected to more and more pressure to perform and contribute to an ever-growing culture consumption. This kind of lifestyle creates a baseline of stress within our bodies that makes it very challenging to sustain mental and physiological health.

Nature connection practices, such as hiking, and forest therapy are pathways to returning to a baseline of health and happiness.

Be Outside Coaching’s mission is to encourage and guide individuals to immerse into personal development through coaching and connection to nature. Be Outside Coaching believes that Nature empowers naturally, it calms down the mind, invites to cherish the present moment and cultivate emotional agility.

Nature retreats has been designed having in mind of what the modern human being is in need. Awe, presence, self-discovery and self-understanding, connection to nature and thyself.
Would you like to experience something unique? Get Outside and connect your authentic self. Come and walk with us in one of the most beautiful place on Earth- the Swiss Alps. You an send us your request below and we will come back to you shortly!

Be Outside Regards!

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