Olga Davidian, Digital Specialist

'I have gone through a full Life Coaching program with Ruta and I must admit it has been a time spent really well for my own self. Through her carefully organized and planned coaching techniques Ruta helped me to figure out the core points of my life - what matters, what I need to be focused on and how to structure my life to achieve those things that really matter: in work, personal life, sports and with my family. 

I am a highly self-aware person and love self-development, but I was lacking the tools to put all the knowledge myself into one big structure - and this is where Ruta's coaching was invaluable.

If you care about having an effective life and want to know how to improve it - I definitely recommend taking this time and help yourself. 

It also motivates me to do more and increases my self-confidence.

Thank you, Ruta!'

rimas kaminskas,professional photographer

'Thank you, Ruta, for amazing coaching sessions. After each session I was eagerly waiting for the next session. During coaching I learned a lot of new things that help me not only in business but also in my personal life.  I am not afraid of what I was afraid before, I started experiencing new things in my life that i did not experience before. I also now understand things that i could not before the coaching program with Ruta. 

Ruta, you have showed me the way of how to achieve goals and other things that make me happy. And as I told you in our last session, I feel much more confident right now.'

ruta kavaliauskaite, child care professional

'I just have finished 3 months coaching program with Ruta. I will for sure miss the coaching sessions with Ruta, however the tools and things that i have learned during this program will help me to reach my goals and dreams.

This program has allowed me to come back to myself, to realize who I am, what  I want, but most importantly- where I am going. At this point everything is possible. I highly recommend this program which will allow you to find the maximum of yourself and your possibilities. Ruta is the best example that everything is possible. Now I also know this. Thousands of 'thank you' for  this incredible journey'.

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