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Olga Davidian

Sports Nutritionist & Elite Spartan Athlete

''By now I have gone through 7 Life Coaching sessions with Ruta and I must admit it has been a time spent really well for my own self. Through her carefully organized and planned coaching techniques Ruta helped me to figure out the core points of my life - what matters, what I need to be focused on and how to structure my life to achieve those things that really matter: in work, personal life, sports and with my family. 

I am a highly self-aware person and love self-development, but I was lacking the tools to put all the knowledge myself into one big structure - and this is where Ruta's coaching was invaluable.

If you care about having an effective life and want to know how to improve it - I definitely recommend taking this time and help yourself. 

It also motivates me to do more and increases my self-confidence.

Thank you, Ruta!''

Giorgio Rosafio

Explorer & Hiker

''Has it ever happened to you that you were doing something and all of a sudden you realized that what you were doing would change your life forever? This is the feeling I had during my coaching sessions with Ruta.

For me her coaching has been an enlightening experience and working with her has brought great improvement to every aspect of my life.

Ruta is the best coach you could ever have: she is very perceptive and she makes you feel empowered. With a combination of technical support and her positive attitude she led me to reveal and unleash my inner self. I am deeply grateful to her for this amazing journey. If you choose her as a coach, get ready to discover new worlds and to start seeing things around you as you have never seen before.''