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End of the year retreat
december 9-11th, 2022 Chateau D'OEx

Wrap up your year with reflection, relaxation & set yourself for an amazing 2023


This end of the year, give yourself a true gift of self-care. By practicing yoga 2 times a day and walking outside, you will strengthen your body, meditation will empty your mind from the noise, and hustle of your every day life. Nature connection practices will ground & relax you and set a clear space in preparation for next year. You will slow down and re-learn how to take care of yourself in an authentic environment and will be taken care of wellbeing professionals.

We invite you to a 3-day unique experience in a kind and caring small community of human beings in an authentic and pristine Alpine environment.

Meet you in Pays D'en Haut region, Switzerland.


Walking/ Snow shoeing in Pays D'en Haut region means immersing yourself into authentic, fairy tale like landscapes. This region breaths simplicity, coziness and 'la douceur pour le Coeur' (open hearted softness).

During 3 days we will take time to snow shoe in the hidden corners of this Valley, not rushing anywhere, taking our time to appreciate the landscape, cultural life, human and nature connection.

In the mornings and afternoons we will practice yoga and meditation to fully integrate our experience in the mountains.

Not to forget that we will have a private Spa area with Sauna and jacuzzi. Cocoon for good. Local chef Manuel will spoil us with the food from the valley, adapted to everyone's needs.

,In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.,  Albert Camus

activities during the end of the year retreat

Typical Day Schedule

7.30 am    Morning yoga and meditation

9.00 am    Breakfast

11.00 am  Snow shoeing

1.00 pm    Lunch

2.00 pm    Outdoor Activities

4.00 pm    Spa time

6.00 pm   Yoga and meditation

  • Winter hiking- snow shoeing 

  • Yoga and meditation

  • Sound Bath- chanting bowls

  • Outdoor fire place & Winter Shinrin Yoku Experience

  • SPA with sauna

  • Inner purpose workshop / Vision board creation

And most importantly- sharing the same experience with other humans, creating memories and having fun!


Nature Connection Practices

Forest Therapy is an art of connecting with nature with your senses.

It's a research based framework for supporting healing and wellbeing through immersion in forests and other natural environments.

We will gather around the fire for Forest Therapy session.

Most of the time during retreat will be spent Outside

Inner Purpose Workshop

In those shaky times its more than ever to tune in yourself to understand your inner purpose, your inner ,Why,? It does not matter – weather you are business owner, corporate worker, mom or artist- tuning into your inner Why is a powerful way of grounding, coming back to what matters to you and align your life to it.

A specially curated for this retreat neuro-science based workshop will allow you to realize your purpose and leave retreat having it clear and perhaps even with few actions in mind.

Winter hiking & mindful walking

Open your eyes, activate your ears, slow down your feet and walk. When you re-learn how to walk mindfully, you will never walk and see nature in the same way again. Be Outside Participants love this and share that this is life changing experience!


Yoga Practice

The Yoga practice is open to all levels.  The morning class focuses on waking up the body, stimulating the harmonious flow of energy in the muscles, joints and organs. The evening class (Yoga Nidra or chanting bowls) is aimed at offering a deep and relaxing state of mind.


Retreat Location

You will stay in an authentic Swiss chalet located in a pristine and wild Chateau D'Oex- Gstaad Valley, a place still full of traditions and original lifestyle. Chateau D'Oex is known for air balloon festival taking place in January.

The Chalet is surrounded by the mountains and forest of the gorgeous Pays d'Enhaut region. This valley is reachable by public transport (gorgegous belle epoque train) and it's 1h 40min drive from Geneva and 2h 50min drive from Zurich.

On a day when you might not feel like hiking, you may just relax on a long comfy chair and keep watching it. This is what Swiss do when they do not feel like hiking :)

Immerse into Swiss life while staying in this beautiful jewel chalet which has full comfort and a private room for each participant, the charm of 200 years and even a private SPA.

Views of Chateau D'Oex village 
Chateau D'Oex village is a gateway to pristine Nature sights

wellness area at the Retreat Location

Previuos Retreats participants love SPA area at the Chalet

rooms at the chalet

Sleep with the Nature next to your bed.
If you choose to come by train to the retreat location, you will travel with the Belle Epoque train. This is quite an experience!

Logistical details,PRice And Conditions

Retreat will start on Friday at 11am and will finish on Sunday at 4pm. Detailed program and list of things to take will be shared once registered. All genders and couples welcome to join!


Includes accommodation, food and retreat facilitation, accompanied by two highly-qualified professionals.

Single rooms with private bathroom - each participant will be in a private room with a private bathroom.


Standard single room with a private bathroom: 1,190 CHF

Superior single room with a private bathroom: 1,290 CHF

To secure booking: 50% deposit. The rest to be paid before 1st of December.

Cancellation policy: 1month before 50% refundable, 2 weeks before non-refundable.


  • All activities during retreat

  • Carefully selected and prepared snow shoeing routes in the local area

  • 2-night accommodation in a single room, with private bathroom

  • 2 breakfasts, 2 diners (at the Chalet) and 3 picnic-lunches (meals will be adapted according your key habits and possible allergies)

  • Mountain snacks, tea and coffee

  • Drinks during meals: water, coffee, tea

​Not included:

  • Transportation to and to from the retreat location (a WhatsApp group will be created to help getting organized, car-pooling etc…)

  • Insurance: travel, cancellation, liability and health…

  • Alcohol and other drinks during dinner

  • Possible extra nights before or after the retreat 

Ruta, mountain leader, nature therapy guide & coach and Sahara, yoga and meditation teacher, combine their unique experience and energies. They invite you to explore the infinite beauty of nature and reconnect with your true self. 

About Sahara

retreat Creators and Leaders

About Ruta

IMG_20210121_164209 (1).jpg
Ruta, mountain leader, nature therapy guide & coach
Sahara, yoga teacher 

Ruta did her first hike back in 2013- she then realized that the real life is not happening in the indoor- office environment but rather outside.

This made her realize that she was missing something important in her life- connection with Nature. Since then, most of her time she spends outside- climbing, hiking, wild camping, walking in the forests, parks and other natural places. She has become hiking ‚guru‘ and is now passionate to share the most beautiful places in the Swiss Alps with the others. Retreat participants often say that Ruta's passion for Nature is contagious.

Ruta is a professional mountain leader ( Association of Mountain Guides in Switzerland), neuro-coach (Neuroleadership Institute, London), and forest therapy guide (Association of Nature and Forest Therapy, USA). 

By creating Be Outside Coaching movement, she has connected her 2 major passions: activities outside and human development. Be Outside Coaching delivers immersive and holistic Nature experiences in the different corners of pristine the Swiss Alps.

Be Outside. Be Authentic. Be You

Sahara is a 500h+ Yoga trained teacher.

She did her first 200h training in Norway, before she decided to go travel the world. She taught yoga wherever she could before landing in Costa Rica to do her 300h Hatha Vinyasa training.

Apart from Hatha and Vinyasa, Sahara also teaches Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Yogastrology. Her love for yoga came from her background in Dance. While in school she felt like she needed a practice to balance out her training and yoga became her best friend. Over the years Yoga has taught her so much more than just the physical benefits of the practice. It’s showed her how to bring balance back into her life and live from a place of Peace. It has taught her how to reconnect to Nature and appreciate the ebb and flow of the seasons around her.

It showed her the power of unifying her love with the patience of the Earth. Now Sahara teaches Yoga and Meditation in Private settings, allowing each student to get the most out of the practice that are tailored to them. All she wants is to share with the world the Magic Yoga has taught her, hoping that her teaching will inspires someone like it has inspired her.


,When I hike through Pays den Haut region, I feel like I am falling in love again and again.,



Testimonial From Previous Outings & Retreats

,Ruta is an experienced hiker and mountain leader. She offers diverse workshops and retreats to connect with nature (and yourself) which are interesting, beautiful and inspire mindfulness. She cares about making her clients happy and is keen to learn and grow. I highly recommend her products and guidance. I will certainly join her again!,.  Pilar Gomez

,Ruta is a fabulous guide and retreat host. She's friendly and super caring. She knows very well what she is doing, wants to provide and what to do. I enjoy doing hiking without worrying about which direction to take, when to take my train, and all the planning. I trust that everyone will have soul-opening and mind-boggling experience with Ruta if you let her kindly take your hands and lead you into the woods or over the hills., Trinh Nguyen

Read More testimonials here or on Google business:

we are looking forward to seeing you in the mountains

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