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AlPINE flower July 7-10th, 2022 

‘Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.’
Hans Christian Andersen
Mountain and Alpine flowers
View  from the Loetchental Valley with it's famous mountain- Bietchorn

Imagine taking one step further.

A step to explore the wonders of Nature in a pristine Alpine environment.

A step to travel through the vibrating sounds of chanting bowls.

A step to feel, relax and delve deeper into your body.

A step to embrace your sacred feminine.

A step closer to self-care and self-knowledge.

A step to meet with careful and attentive professionals that will accompany you in this extraordinary journey.

We invite you to a 4-day unique experience, allowing you to enjoy, take the time and bring awareness in each and every step. In a pristine Alpine environment, Switzerland.

Alpine flower, river and mountains
Alpine valley, nature, river
Some vitamin 'N' from the valley where retreat will take place

activities during retreat

  • Hiking (all levels) – discovering the wonders of the surrounding valleys

  • Deep Nature connection through forest and mountain therapy (Japanese Shinrin Yoku)

  • Body movement via Hatha & Restorative yoga, and deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra) (all levels)

  • Chanting bowls sessions

  • Discovering variety of Alpine Flowers that you have never seen before ( with a qualified Mountain Leader)

  • Opening-up to your creative expression

  • Time for yourself

Note: retreat will start at 4pm on July 7th and will end at 4pm on July 10th. 

Nature Connection Practices

Forest Therapy (japanese Shinrin Yoku) is an art of connecting with nature with your senses.

It's a research based framework for supporting healing and wellbeing through immersion in forests and other natural environments. Experience this practice in the forest and in the mountains.

Yoga Practice

The Yoga practice is open to all levels. Morning class focuses on waking up the body, stimulating the harmonious flow of energy in the muscles, joints and organs. The evening class (Yoga Nidra or chanting bowls) is aimed at offering a deep and relaxing state of mind.

Ancient Practices

Chanting bowls reaching shamanic times and creative experiences invite you to dwell into the deepest parts of yourself.

We will also create an offering to mother Earth and involve into other creative experiences during this Retreat.

alpine lake, tea cups, ready for gathering
Yoga session, people
chanting bowls, tibetian bowls

about retreat venue

Our retreat basis is a pristine alpine village- we will stay in an authentic historical hotel which due to it's deco and natural surroundings feels like Home. And is more than 100 years old. The feel of time in a high quality setting. A feeling of mountains even when you are in your room.

Loetschental Valley is a resourceful place for human beings in search of inspiration, relaxation and communing with nature. Majestic summits seem to embrace the surrounding villages nestled in larch forests. Tumbling streams and tranquil lakes add the finishing touches to this idyllic décor. The village is situated in an idyllic setting surrounded by majestic summits and with a panoramic view of the Löetschental Valley. The region is quickly and easily accessible but, at the same time, is also far from stress and noise.

We will stay in an authentic Swiss houses- all rooms have been newly restaurated and every participant will have it's own room and private bathroom. Hotel, with it's unique location and traditions is vibrating local culture- this is also reflected in the gastronomic delights of it's restaurant. This unique place is a hide away and you will receive full details about it once you register.

room to sleep
interior design, room
Is this your room or a forest...?
local house
Loetschental valley is still full of  authentic and local life
flower vase, design, room
Table, ready to eat
Culinary delights and setting of the restaurant where we will be eating during retreat

walking is a meditation, soaking in vitamin 'N'

people walking, hiking, nature, trees
Walking through green forest of larches

Retreat Facilitators - Soulful Creators

woman, retreat leader
Ruta, mountain leader, nature therapy guide & coach

About Ruta

Ruta has done her first hike back in 2013- she then realized that the real life is not happening in the indoor- office environment but rather outside.

This made her realize that she was missing something important in her life- connection with Nature. Since then, most of her time she spends outside- climbing, hiking, wild camping, walking in the forests, parks and other natural places. She has become hiking ‚guru‘ and is now passionate to share the most beautiful places in the Swiss Alps with the others.

Retreat participants often say that Ruta's passion for Nature is contagious.

Ruta is a professional mountain leader ( Association of Mountain Guides in Switzerland), neuro-coach (Neuroleadership Institute, London), and forest therapy guide (Association of Nature and Forest Therapy, USA). 

By creating Be Outside Coaching movement, she has connected her 2 major passions: activities outside and human development. Be Outside Coaching delivers immersive and holistic Nature experiences in the different corners of pristine the Swiss Alps.

Be Outside. Be Authentic. Be You

woman, retreat creator
Sahara, yoga & meditation teacher 

About Sahara

Sahara is a 500h+ Yoga trained teacher.

She did her first 200h training in Norway, before she decided to go travel the world. She taught yoga wherever she could before landing in Costa Rica to do her 300h Hatha Vinyasa training.

Apart from Hatha and Vinyasa, Sahara also teaches Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Yogastrology. Her love for yoga came from her background in Dance. While in school she felt like she needed a practice to balance out her training and yoga became her best friend. Over the years Yoga has taught her so much more than just the physical benefits of the practice. It’s showed her how to bring balance back into her life and live from a place of Peace. It has taught her how to reconnect to Nature and appreciate the ebb and flow of the seasons around her.

It showed her the power of unifying her love with the patience of the Earth. Now Sahara teaches Yoga and Meditation in Private settings, allowing each student to get the most out of the practice that are tailored to them. All she wants is to share with the world the Magic Yoga has taught her, hoping that her teaching will inspires someone like it has inspired her.

woman doing a yoga pose
women doing yoga

your Inner BlooM

During this retreat we will discover unique & astonishing variety of Alpine flowers. Loetschental Valley is known for its pristine Nature that is very rare to find anywhere else. Once you see such beauty in front of your eyes, you also start blooming.

alpine flowers
alpine flowers
alpine flowers
alpine flowers
alpine flowers
alpine flowers
‘If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.’
Gautama Buddha
woman and alpine flowers

PRice, logistical details And Conditions

Includes accommodation (room with private bahtroom), food and retreat facilitation, accompanied by two highly-qualified professionals.

Early bird ( until May 1st):

Standard room: 1,350 CHF

Superior room (only 2 available): 1,470 CHF

Retreat place: 3h from Zurich, 3h15min from Geneva, 2h from Sion.

To secure booking: 50% deposit. The rest to be paid before the 7th of June.

Cancellation policy: 1 month before non-refundable.

If retreat needs to be cancelled because of Covid, the 100% amount will be reimbursed to all participants.


  • All activities during retreat

  • Carefully selected and prepared hiking routes in the local area

  • 3-night accommodation in a single room, with private bathroom, at the local high quality accommodation

  • 3 breakfasts, 3 diners (at the Chalet) and 3 picnic-lunches (meals will be adapted according your key habits and possible allergies)

  • Mountain snacks, tea and coffee

  • Drinks during meals: water, coffee, tea

​Not included:

  • Transportation to and to from the retreat location (a WhatsApp group will be created to help getting organized, car-pooling etc…)

  • Insurance: travel and health.

  • Alcohol and other drinks during dinner

  • Possible extra nights before or after the retreat (possible to arrange)

Testimonial From Last Retreats

Alena, mother of 2 and business owner from Switzerland

'This year has been so hard and I have felt a terrible urge to escape my daily life, the uncertainty and the heavy routine. Joining Ruta's Autumn retreat was one of the best things that happened to me in 2020.

Ruta's carefully chosen location for the retreat was beyond what I could have imagined.. She is madly passionate about nature and outdoor living and she transmits this passion and to everyone around. I have discovered forest bathing, mindful hiking, participated in many activities I've never heard of before, I have let myself follow the rhythm and it was incredibly calming, nurturing and emotional experience.

I'm impressed with Ruta's facilitation skills too.

We were a group of 12 women with 12 different nationalities, cultures, backgrounds, personalities and expectations sharing this 3-day experience. Ruta managed all that diversity and strong emotions coming out with ease. She created an inclusive and safe environment for all of us to feel comfortable, heard and supported. Through many different activities, each of us could find a way to share (or not) that one was comfortable with. She managed to keep us motivated and outdoors even when the weather was difficult, during those 3 days we had sun, rain and even snow!!

The retreat was well planned, the sessions were well prepared with little surprises that went straight to the heart of each participant (I can't name as it would be a spoiler for next participants!)

I loved the place so much that I have prolonged my stay by an additional day and I'm already looking forward to next year!!'

woman in the mountains
Read More testimonials here or on Google ( tap Be Outside Coaching):

An experience that will stay with you as a painting..

picture of the painting

We can't wait to see you in the mountains!
Ruta and Sahara

2 women in the mountains
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