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Coming back to Nature and yourself.

 ‘The Best of Human Nature is Revealed in the Nature’.

By Be Outside Coaching and Terre de Lotus

Welcome to Nature and Self-love Retreat. Yoga and mountains.July 4-8th, 2020

Since Antique times, it has been recognized that men/women are a microcosm of Nature. What exists in Nature, also exists in humans, just at a smaller scale. In order to develop, create, evolve and be healthy, people need the connection to Nature.

However, in today’s modern society, we are under increasing pressure to perform and contribute to an ever-growing consumption culture. This kind of lifestyle creates a baseline of stress within our bodies that makes it very challenging to sustain mental and physiological health.

​Nature connection practices, such as hiking and forest therapy, are pathways to returning to a basis of health and happiness. While exploring the outside environment, we can reconnect with ourselves.


By including yoga, meditation and breathing practices in this journey, we offer the opportunity to explore deeper and open the doors to self-compassion, kindness and love. By enjoying the daily practice and detox in a pristine alpine environment, you will learn to truly take care of yourself and expand the experience back home, nourishing the connection you’ve built.


We accompany you in an in-out journey: go outside to connect with yourself and with nature, go inside (via yoga and breathing exercises) to unite with your true nature, thus enabling a much wider and more conscious connection with the world around you.


May the infinite beauty of Nature reveal your inner beauty.

Alpine Lake at 2100m. One of the hiking areas
Alpine Meadows next to our Mountain Chalet

The specificity of our approach is bringing awareness in every step, combining interrelated activities that give you a wider and deeper approach to who you are:  increase body-awareness and self-care, love for the environment and self-love, celebrate your link to mother earth and explore your own creative nature.

The Yoga practice is open to all levels. The morning class focuses on waking up the body, stimulating the harmonious flow of energy in the muscles, joints and organs. The evening Yin Yoga class, by going deeper into the stretch, helps inner focus and settling the mind and the body in a quiet state.

IMG_20190711_082618 - Copy.jpg
Morning Yoga
Forest Bathing (Shinrin Yoku)

Ruta, nature therapy guide and Vanessa, yoga teacher combined their unique experience and energies. They invite you to explore infinite beauty of nature to reconnect with your true self. This retreat will also give you elements to continue on the journey back home.

IMG_9488f - Copy.jpg
Vanessa, yoga teacher
Ruta, nature therapy guide

About Ruta

Ruta did her first hike back in 2013- she then realised that the real life is not happening in the office but rather outside.This made her realise that she was missing something imporant in her life- connection with Nature. Since then, most of her time she spends outside- climbing, hiking, wild camping, walking in the the forests, parks and other natural places. She has become hiking ‚guru‘ and is now passionate to share the most beautiful places in the Swiss Alps with others. Her last big adventure was in Kyrgyzstan in summer 2018 when she with other team members has climbed some alpine peaks which have never been climbed before- above 4000m. In 2017 she packed her mountain bag and went trekking alone in Himalaya.

Ruta is a professional neuro-coach (Neuroleadership Institute, London), and forest theraphy guide (Association of Nature and Forest Theraphy, USA). By creating  Be Outside Coaching movement, she has connected her 2 major passions: activities outside and human development. Be Outside. Be Authentic. Be You

'The best of human nature is revealed in the Nature'.

Be Outside Coaching

Hiking is infinite Ruta's passion

Activities during retreat:

  • Yoga, meditation & relaxation

  • Nature connection and exploration: Forest/nature Therapy, connect with 5 senses, explore the 5 elements

  • Hiking (all levels, suitable for beginners), alpine lake and glacier exploration

  • Creative experience: mandala drawing, land-art, clay creation

  • Sacred traditions practices: sounds (chanting bowls concert, Sansula, Chamanic drum, Chimes...), text reading, gratitude jar, sharing circles

  • Time for yourself

  • Optional: individual neuro-coaching

  • Plant Based Cooking workshop: 1 evening cooking together

  • Intimate experience: small group - max 8 participants


About Vanessa

Personal coach, art-therapist and Yoga teacher (certified by Yoga Alliance), Vanessa combines her multiple assets and professional experiences to accompany individual and groups on their path to self-awareness. After working over a decade in a corporate company, she set up her own business 12 years ago as a coach and art-therapist before integrating Yoga, breathing techniques and mindfulness into her approach.

 Vanessa, mother of 2, has a multi-cultural background, and is passionate about nature, art (sculpture, mosaic), people and exploring the wonders of the world via diverse means: hiking, kayaking, diving... Vanessa is the founder of Terre de Lotus.

Terre de Lotus holistically accompanies people through Yoga practices, massages and creative workshops. Yoga develops flexibility and increases muscle strength while being gentle with the joints; it boosts your immune system, calms your mind down, restores your body, improves balance and focus and develops inner awareness. Energy massages is a subtle combination of a body massage with healing touch to unlock tensions and balance your energy flow. The treatment has a holistic influence on your physical, energetical and emotional bodies.

„The soul unfolds itself like a lotus of countless petals.“

Khalil Gibran, The Prophet.

Warrior islande.jpg
Vanessa loves spending time in nature and practicing yoga 
Tea Ceremony during forest bathing


Inner and outer connection. Explore 5 senses. 

Deep connection with nature and self, nature being a key tool to the beauty of life.

Retreat Location

You will stay in an authentic Swiss chalet located in a pristine and wild Valley- Val D'herens, a place still full of traditions and original lifestyle. This Valley is known for its beautiful year round snow caped mountain called la Dent Blanche which is visible directly from the windows and terrace of the chalet.

On a day when you might not feel like hiking, you may just relax on a long comfy chair and keep watching it. This is what Swiss do when they do not feel like hiking :)

Immerse into Swiss life while staying in this beautiful jewel chalet which has no neighbours, only cow bells might be causing some 'noise'.!

Pristine and authentic Val D'Herens Valley
Mountain Cabin- retreat venue
Mountain cabin is full of love and authentic swiss items
Inside chalet.jpg
Comfy bed  for a tight sleep after a day outside
Place for breakfast
Enjoy the views to the famous Swiss mountains directly from the mountain cabin terrace

Price and booking policy:

Retreat dates: July 4-8th

Staying at the Chalet:

Superior double room: 1200 CHF /person (fully booked)

Standard double room: 1050 CHF/ person (fully booked)

Staying in the mountain- style apartment 2min from chalet:

Single room 1250 CHF (available)

To secure booking: 50% deposit. The rest to be paid 2 months before retreat starts (May 4th, 2020)

Cancellation policy:

1 month before: non-refundable

2 months before: 25% refundable

What is included in the price?

·       Accommodation in a high quality Swiss Chalet (bed linen, cleaning)

·       Facilitation & all activities included in the retreat program: yoga, meditation, hiking, coaching, forest bathing

·       Local vegetarian food (breakfast, lunch/snack & dinner during day 1- 5 (excl dinner on day 5)

What is not included in the price?

·       Personal spending

·       Alcohol during retreat (not recommended anyway)

·       Transportation to the retreat venue

·       Personal travel to Switzerland & accident insurance

Hiking, hiking, hiking...
Outside Restaurant by Be Outside Coaching


'I would like to thank Ruta for this opportunity to know myself better and even finding out again who I am. For a very long time i was standing like a wall and looking for excuses...during this retreat with the support of Be Outside Coaching i have discovered things that I would have never discovered by myself. Ruta supports you wholeheartedly and guides you in a way that you open your eyes fresh and start seeing things that you have never seen before. My 5 days with Ruta in the Swiss Alps have been unforgettable. Ruta gives more than one would think is possible. I am just so happy that i could participate in this journey of personal-discovery.'

Erika, service worker

see you in the mountains

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