And just like that…

Winter opened cold bleary eyes to the newborn colors of spring.

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Welcome to 'AWAKEN YOUR TRUE NATURE' Retreat.


After a long hibernation, in springtime nature in the mountains finally comes back to full life, the temperatures rise and the sun shines! The nature is slowly reawakening from the winter sleep and blooms in all colors. Awaken your senses with meadows of alpine flowers, mountain streams full of water and chirping birds.

For many of us, last 12 months have been challening mentally and physically. Thus, this Awakening Nature and Wellbeing retreat has been created with an intention to offer what humans may need the most at the moment: realizing the true nature of one's Self, finding inner integrity, grounding within it and re-connecting to mother Earth. 

We do not know how long challenging times will last. However, we do know that through learning how to reconnect with ourselves, with nature around us as well as how to deepen and expand awareness, we can set solid ground within ourselves so that flourishing of fresh and new can happen, even during tough times.

​Nature connection practices, such as hiking and forest therapy, are pathways allowing to return to a basis of health and happiness. While exploring the outside environment, we can reconnect with our inner world.


By including movement & yoga, meditation and breathing practices in this journey, we offer the opportunity to explore deeper realms of inner reality which will open the doors to self-compassion, kindness and love. By enjoying these practices daily in a pristine alpine environment, true mental and physical detox will take place. You will learn to truly take care of yourself and expand the experience back home, nourishing the connection you’ve built.

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'If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.'
Jack Kornfield

activities during retreat

  • Nature connection and exploration:  Forest/nature Therapy, connect with 5 senses, explore the 5 elements (Japanese Shinrin Yoku)

  • Mountain Therapy - a mindful way of hiking and connecting with your senses (Ruta is the only guide doing this in Switzerland)

  • Hiking (all levels, suitable for beginners): waterfall, hike like locals,  alpine river

  • Discovery of different breathing techniques

  • Yoga & relaxation

  • Guided Meditations

  • Creative experience: mandala drawing, land-art

  • Sacred traditions practices: text reading, gratitude jar, sharing circles

  • Time for yourself

  • 'Awakening to your true Self' workshop

  • Spa Time: sauna and outdoor jacuzzi

  • Intimate experience: small group - max 12 participants

Tea Ceremony during forest bathing
Mindful walking, hiking, forest bathing
Go off-line and enjoy 'only your time'
Yoga and Mindfullness


Connection to Nature and Thyself. Awakening to your true Self.

Grounding and Wellbeing - ways of being during challenging times.

about retreat venue

You will stay in an authentic Swiss chalet located in a pristine and wild Chateau D'oex- Gstaad Valley, a place still full of traditions and original lifestyle. Chalet is surrounded by the mountains and forest of the gorgeous Pays d'Enhaut region. This valley is reachable by public transport (gorgegous belle epoque train) and it's 1h 40min drive from Geneva and 2h 50min drive from Zurich.

On a day when you might not feel like hiking, you may just relax on a long comfy chair and keep watching it. This is what Swiss do when they do not feel like hiking :)

Immerse into Swiss life while staying in this beautiful jewel chalet which has full comfort, the charm of 200 years and even a private SPA.

Retreat place- chalet in the Nature's Nest
Enjoy mountain views directly from the garden of the chalet
SPA area- sauna and heated jacuzzi
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And the local food
Rooms in the Chalet- enjoy mountain views directly from your room or even bed!
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retreat facilitators

Ruta, nature therapy guide, outdoor coach and hopeless hiking enthusiast and Ivona, whose passion is to explore human consciousness through meditations, deep breathing, exposure to cold, yoga and nature, combine their unique experience and energies.

They invite you to explore infinite beauty of nature to awaken and reconnect with your true self. What a beautiful time to do this in the beginning of spring!

This retreat will also equip you with tool-kit that will help you to continue on the journey when back home.

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Ruta, nature therapy guide

About Ruta

Ruta did her first hike back in 2013- she then realized that the real life is not happening in the indoor- office environment but rather outside.

This made her realize that she was missing something important in her life- connection with Nature. Since then, most of her time she spends outside- climbing, hiking, wild camping, walking in the forests, parks and other natural places. She has become hiking ‚guru‘ and is now passionate to share the most beautiful places in the Swiss Alps with the others. Her last big adventure was in Kyrgyzstan in summer 2018 when she with other team members has climbed some alpine peaks which have never been climbed before- above 4000m. In 2017 she packed her mountain bag and went trekking alone in Himalaya.

Ruta is a professional neuro-coach (Neuroleadership Institute, London), and forest therapy guide (Association of Nature and Forest Therapy, USA). Ruta is currently studying to become a mountain guide in Switzerland.

By creating Be Outside Coaching movement, she has connected her 2 major passions: activities outside and human development. Be Outside Coaching delivers immersive and holistic Nature experiences in the different corners of pristine the Swiss Alps.

 Be Outside. Be Authentic. Be You

Hiking and  exploring is infinite Ruta's passion
Ivona, yoga teacher


 Ivona was born 38 years ago in Lithuania, in a Polish family during times of a Soviet regime.  This particular cultural, political and demographic context pre-set her soul to question deeply what it meant to be «I».  However, it was only 33 years later that she felt fully ready to board on the most extraordinary voyage Life could offer: the voyage towards the True Self.

This voyage was not always easy and straightforward, it went through many bumpy and blunt-ended roads. Fortunately, Ivona’s deep connection to Nature - where she observed that all ecosystems seem to exists in perfect balance, in perfect acceptance of what IS, without asking and wanting more - could remind her that her inner reality can also function in a perfect equilibrium.

 Ivona is a certified Yoga Teacher. However, she knows that it was her inner personal journey that taught her how to experience Yoga (Union) in every moment of this life. Today she is happy to share with us her knowledge and the methods that turned out to be helpful on her own inner path towards Truth. Thus, relax and just Be.

Ivona loves spending time in nature and practicing yoga 

Testimonial From Last Retreats

'I would like to thank Ruta for this opportunity to know myself better and even finding out again who I am. For a very long time i was standing like a wall and looking for excuses...during this retreat with the support of Be Outside Coaching i have discovered things that I would have never discovered by myself. Ruta supports you wholeheartedly and guides you in a way that you open your eyes fresh and start seeing things that you have never seen before. My 5 days with Ruta in the Swiss Alps have been unforgettable. Ruta gives more than one would think is possible. I am just so happy that i could participate in this journey of personal-discovery.'

Erika, service worker

Price and booking policy:

Retreat dates: April 16 -18th, 2021

All rooms are for single use with a private bathroom.

Early Bird (until March 1st)

Superior room: 970 CHF /person (only 3 available)

Standard room: 870 CHF/ person 

Price after March 1st, 2021:

Superior room: 1070 CHF /person (only 3 available)

Standard room: 970 CHF/ person 

To secure booking: 50% deposit. The rest to be paid 1 month before retreat  (March 16th).

Cancellation policy:

2 weeks before retreat: non-refundable

1 month before retreat: 50% refundable

If retreat has to be cancelled due to Pandemics, 100% amount will be reimbuirsed

What is included in the price?

·       Accommodation in a local Swiss Chalet (bed linen, cleaning. private bathroom)

·       Facilitation & all activities included in the retreat program: yoga, meditation, hiking, coaching, forest bathing, access to sauna&jacuzzi

·       Local vegetarian food (breakfast, lunch/snack & dinner)

·       Train ticket to a nearby village during retreat

What is not included in the price?

·       Soft drinks during diner

·       Alcohol during retreat (not recommended anyway)

·       Transportation to the retreat venue

·       Personal travel to Switzerland & accident insurance

see you in the mountains


Ruta and Ivona