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‘HOW tO cope with the uncertainty during pandemic.’

Harmony and wellbeing with Neuroscience


about the course

Neuroscience has proved: one of the most challenging things to deal with for the brain is the uncertainty. There are however little who have shared tangible information of how to cope with it.

How to cope with one of the biggest challenges that humanity is currently going through- the global pandemic?

During this course you will learn why you might not feeling very well at the moment, how your mindset influence your perception of the world around you and how to over-come the current challenges you are facing. This course will give you practical tools, guidance and application that will influence the way you see yourself, your relationships at home and at work and the way you go through the current challenges. It will give you tangible insights of how to cope with the current situation that we are facing as humanity and you – personally.


course structure

   Week 1

   Why we react as we react?

   How does the brain work in the uncertain situations? 

   How does it affect your wellbeing?

   Neuroscience of human behavior during uncertain times.

   Week 2

   The basis to respond- your mindset.

   How can we look to the situation differently?

   Explore the awareness of your thoughts.

   Get to know your own mindset better.

   Introduction to Growth Mindset.

   Week 3

   How to continue taking care of yourself now and after the course?

   Researched based tips, guidance and tools.


'So few people are aware of their thoughts. Their minds run all over the place without permission, and they go along for the ride unknowingly and without making a choice'.                                    

                                                    T. Sterner, an author

Key Features of the course

  1. Research based (NeuroLeadership Institute)

  2. Practical and gives you tools for life

  3. ‘Tested tough’ with the coaching clients and while climbing the mountains

Key Benefits of the course

  1. Practical and Immediately applicable

  2. Small group- enables sharing among the participants

  3. Enables your personal change in real time

What will you get out of the course?

  1. 4.5h of rich research-based content

  2. Approximately 3 hours of self-study/tasks with the guidance & worksheets

  3. Tools, tips and keys to your well-being

Logistics and price

Every Monday 7.30 PM CET (November 23d, November 30th, December 7th ).  Every session will take 1h30min. 

First session is mandatory- the rest - if participant can't attend, the recording will be shared.

Weekly exercise submission: every Thursday 12pm.

How? Via Zoom Meeting (personal link will be sent to registered participants)

Max 10 participants to ensure intimacy and personal expression.

Price: early bird- until November 18th: 99 CHF (89 Euro), then-  129 CHF (119 Euro)

money back guarantee

You attended the 3 sessions and did all the assigned tasks but did not get benefits from the course​?

You can claim back your money up to 10 days once the course is over.

What do my clients say?

Olga Davidian, Digital Specialist

'I have gone through a full Life Coaching program with Ruta and I must admit it has been a time spent really well for my own self. Through her carefully organized and planned coaching techniques Ruta helped me to figure out the core points of my life - what matters, what I need to be focused on and how to structure my life to achieve those things that really matter: in work, personal life, sports and with my family. 

I am a highly self-aware person and love self-development, but I was lacking the tools to put all the knowledge myself into one big structure - and this is where Ruta's coaching was invaluable.

If you care about having an effective life and want to know how to improve it - I definitely recommend taking this time and help yourself. 

It also motivates me to do more and increases my self-confidence.

Thank you, Ruta!'

rimas kaminskas,professional photographer

'Thank you, Ruta, for amazing coaching sessions. After each session I was eagerly waiting for the next session. During coaching I learned a lot of new things that help me not only in business but also in my personal life.  I am not afraid of what I was afraid before, I started experiencing new things in my life that i did not experience before. I also now understand things that i could not before the coaching program with Ruta. 

Ruta, you have showed me the way of how to achieve goals and other things that make me happy. And as I told you in our last session, I feel much more confident right now.'

ruta Kavaliauskaite, Child care specialist
Ruta Paris.jpg

'I just have finished 3 months coaching program with Ruta. I will for sure miss the coaching sessions with Ruta, however the tools and things that i have learned during this program will help me to reach my goals and dreams.

This program has allowed me to come back to myself, to realize who I am, what  I want, but most importantly- where I am going. At this point everything is possible. I highly recommend this program which will allow you to find the maximum of yourself and your possibilities. Ruta is the best example that everything is possible. Now I also know this. Thousands of 'thank you' for  this incredible journey'.

How to on-board to 'How to cope with the uncertainty during pandemic' program?


'You are not here to survive, you are here to thrive.'

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