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The Nr. 1 Question

What is your current reality right now? Where are you standing at achieving your life’s goals and realizing your dreams? How are you feeling about your life and yourself?


Where would you really like to be? How would you like to feel? What would you like to create  or accomplish? How would your life look like if you lived it on your own terms? What do you really want in the different areas of your life? What do you really Want?

You are One Step Away from a totally different job, relationship, from a different feeling about yourself, from a different life.

You are One Step Away from achieving your goals and living the life of your dreams. So what is the reason why you are not there YET?

The difference between 2 places is called Outside Comfort Zone.

The 'Be Outside' Zone

It’s quite normal that you might not be where you would like to be becaue your mind has been designed to protect you, especially when it comes to the unknown, the uncomfortable, the scary, the difficult.

Our brain’s primal function is to keep us alive- to keep us safe.

Therefore a hesitation- about the decision to make or action to take is a natural feeling.

The truth is however that Fulfillment and Goal Achievement does not come from the Comfort Zone.


Everyone has millions of ideas of what he would like to do with his life but only the few are getting there.

While everyone has an unlimited potential...

The main challenge in this situation is the Action. Most of the time we are not taking the action because our brain is 'protecting' us.

This leads us, humans, to operate by ‘default’ mode rather than by ‘design mode’.

To achieve goals and dreams one needs to Be Outside the Comfort Zone and take the action with the intention and vision.

A Thought

What comes in our way to the action is our mind.

It has been scientifically proven that a person has 60-80 thousand of thoughts a day. Our thoughts create our mindset.

The quality and energetic vibration of the thought is ultimately creating the reality of one’s life.

Thought is rising the feeling, and this is where the doubt, limiting belief and self-talk come up.

To step into its true Inner Power, one shall master its mind. It’s through the mind master that humans master the rest- the thoughts,the emotions the actions and finally, the results.


You Can Master your Mind and the good news is that it’s quite simple.


The Mastery of the Mind is a Choice you can make at any time. The science now proves that once you make the choice and establish the Focus you can achieve any objective you set for yourself.

What you Focus on, Expands. For decades it has been thought that we have types of personalities, that we have been pre-coded with certain brain cells since we were born and that the main set of qualities have been formed in our childhood. 


The latest scientific findings emphasize that our brain is evolving through our lifetime because of its neuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticity is a super power of the brain that can re-shape your reality and ultimately your life. Your brain is forming new connections and growing new brain cells daily based on your experiences, interactions with people, your inspirations and ideas.

This means that if you tap into the Genius part of your brain, you can create a different, new reality for yourself, no matter your past experience and current reality. Today you can decide who you want to be and then become it.

The Neural Map

Take a look inside your brain (picture on the left side). This is what a neural network looks like. Your beliefs, experiences, your habits, and everything you have learned is wired like this in your brain.


It makes up your default mode network- a map which you follow to live your life. When you direct your brain in a right way it creates new patterns, so that the old dis-empowering ones stop getting used and the new ones become active and dominant. Adding a specific Focus on the topics that matter to you and working on them daily, you start creating new networks and thus living the life by Design.

The Brain-based Coaching

Coaching supports individuals in creating the focus areas and then take intentional actions to achieve their goals. One of the main objectives of coaching is the provocative thinking. It’s the thinking about oneself.  Brain based coaching is guiding and supporting the coachee to achieve his goals by leveraging the neuroscience proved facts on how the brain works. It’s about creating awareness of where you are and then out of that aware place create a vision and actions. And doing that by feeling good about yourself and stepping into your natural self- confidence.

Coaching process, due to the clear focus on specific topic, allows to create new neural networks in the brain, a new map to navigate through life.

During the process of coaching the individual is stepping outside its comfort zone - as it requires creating awareness about its current situation, thinking about its own thinking, acting, creating new habits and ultimately stepping into its powers thus stepping into the ‘life by design’, leaving the ‘life by default’ behind.  It’s a Design process that helps to create self-awareness.

Coaching is a synonym to mountaineering- when the less experienced climber is going to the top of the mountain, neither the guide nor more experienced climbers are carrying him to the top. They are just supporting him, navigating him to the top. The person climbs to the top by himself. Who can really climb the top of your Own Mountain?

Welcome to Be Outside Coaching,

Be Outside. Be Yourself. Be.